River Devon Water Level Fluctuations

Volunteer(s) monitoring site: 
James Cox is monitoring the River Devon around the Red Bridge at the bend in the river above the Devonvale Hall in Tillicoultry. James is capturing river level fluctuations at three vantage points.
Why the site has been chosen / information about volunteer: 
I live in Clackmannan, and became aware of the Ochils Landscape Partnership and the variety of work they carry out last year. This appealed to me, as I have always had a great interest in environmental matters, both man-made and natural. A few months ago, I found myself having a certain amount of free time every week, so decided that this would be a useful and enjoyable way to spend some of it while contributing something to the benefit of my local area. Rivers are, for me, fascinating due to the great variety of landscapes they run through and play a part in forming due to flooding and so on, as well as the wildlife that they support and encourage. The River Devon, being a very clean and natural watercourse, is a perfect place to watch , photograph and record the impact of the climate over the course of the seasons, particularly around the Red Bridge pool near Tillicoultry.
What is being monitored: 
River level fluctuations