Alva Primary

In 2014 Alva Primary P5s worked with the Forth Fisheries Trust to learn about rearing trout and aquatic invertebrates.

The class reared trout in a special tank in the classroom, then released them into Alva Burn at the approriate time. In addition, the class learned what trout like to eat by river-dipping to find stoneflies and mayflies that trout love to eat! The Forth Fisheries Trust returned to Alva and electro-fished Alva Burn to see if they could find some of the trout released by the class. They did, and the trout are all grown up!

Click below to see Trout Tales, the animation made by the class!


In 2013 Alva Primary 7s looked at 'Comparing temperate and tropical forests'.

Alva pupils became tree detectives in Alva Glen. They found out about the woodland and estimated tree heights, circumferences and ages. Pupils studied and identified twigs from trees such as Ash and learned about the differences between coniferous and deciduous trees in Alva Glen. The class hunted for mini beasts to assess the variety living in Alva Glen and they compared them with the giant beasts of the rainforest. The class compared millipedes, centipedes and beetles. They also explored insect and bird egg adaptations and discovered how insects adapted to their habitats by developing warning colouration or mimicking other species to avoid being prayed upon. The class pond-dipped to collect samples of water louse and freshwater shrimp and they studied food chains. Pupils now understand the similarities and differences between temperate and tropical forests and the unique biodiversity within them.


Click below to see Relocation Deforestation, the animation made by the class!