Muckhart Nature Park

In 2006 Woodland Trust Scotland approached Muckhart Community Council to see if the village would like to adopt a field and add interest to the path links over the hills. The Nature Park Committee was formed to define how the area should be used and maintained. Pupils from Muckhart Primary School and designed a logo.

This Ochils Landscape Partnership project continues the enhancment of the habitats in Muckhart Nature Park through the planting of native species of trees, shrubs and wildflowers. There are apples, cherries and wild raspberries to tempt visitors! A wetland area has been created to complement the habitat enhancements, and there is a waymarked wildlife trail.

Among the native trees and hedging are the following: Scots Pine; Ash; Alder; Silver Birch; Hazel; Beech; Oak; Rowan; Wild Cherry; Holly; Hawthorn; Blackthorn; Elder; and Dog Rose.

Wild flowers include: Field Poppy; Chicory; Common Fumitory; Tansy; Cuckoo Flower; Ladies Bedstraw; Thistle; Harebell; Knapweed; Bluebell; Ox-eye Daisy; Dead Nettle; Yarrow; Red and White Clover; Field Scabious; Vetch; Wild Teasle; Common Mallow; Rsebay Willow Herb; Greater Stitchwort; Meadow Sweet;Toadflax; Red and White Campion; Foxglove; Ragged Robin; Aaron's Rod; Yellow Rattle; Cowslip; Fevefew; and Sorrel.

Various Ochils Festival 2013 events were held in Muckhart Nature Park: the Willow Weaving Workshops, the Bird-Box Building Blitz, and the Sketching Social.