Tree Canopy Cover in Alva Glen

Volunteer(s) monitoring site: 
Brian Dawson is monitoring a section of tree canopy at Alva Glen. Brian is photographing from a fixed vantage point of Sycamore, Rowan and Beech trees. Brian is also observing the burn and diverse wildlife found in Alva Glen.
Why the site has been chosen / information about volunteer: 
I initially started volunteering with the National Trust for Scotland as a Conservation Volunteer and through this I have become involved with some other conservation bodies. I never sleep better than when I’ve spent the day bashing Rhododendrons. I occasionally lend a hand with the Alva Glen Heritage Trust and thought it would be nice to record the changes at a very tranquil spot in the glen, featuring the waterfall as a backdrop. I live a stones throw from the glen and walk my dog there regularly so will be interested to see the changes recorded over the next 12 months.
What is being monitored: 
Tree canopy cover in Alva Glen.