Project Team

The Ochils Landscape Partnership is managed by the following team members:

Donald ForbesDonald Forbes (OLP Scheme Coordinator): Donald is our new team leader! He has fearlessly taken on responsibility for delivering the projects on time and on budget. As a Chartered Building Surveyor, with experience in the commercial, public and residential sectors, as well as in project and asset management, he brings an array of valuable skills to the job. He seems keen to get behind the wheel of the famous Ochils Landscape Partnership truck though, so the rest of us will have to keep a keen eye on him!

Kirsty McAlisterDr Kirsty McAlister (Research and Interpretation Officer): Kirsty is on secondment from the University of Stirling. She is responsible for the various aspects of Ochils Orientation, including the Virtual Visitor & Education Centre (and provides the voice over for the history films). She works with volunteers and primary schools on history projects; oversees on-site interpretation; co-ordinates the archaeological project, Dig Dollar Glen; and organises the Ochils Festival.

Ian GilliesIan Gillies (Project Officer): Ian manages the contractual side of individual projects. With a background in architectural planning, Ian finds himself conquering a host of new challenges on behalf of the Ochils Landscape Partnership. While he's a whiz at drawing up plans and seeing them implemented, one of Ian's most satisfying jobs is erradicating invasive non-native species!

Beatriz JenkinsBeatriz Jenkins (Business Support Administrator): Beatriz provides admin support to help the project run smoothly. Luckily for the rest of the team, one of her favourite phrases is 'No problem'! She is the organisational guru and undisputed laminating / colour-coding queen of the team! And, of course, she is our resident Portuguese language expert.

Amanda Joaquin  Ben Black (Volunteer Development Officer): Ben is on secondment from The Conservation Volunteers Scotland and is responsible for the volunteer conservation and environmental monitoring programmes. He oversees a wide range of volunteer activities and training, from tree and wildflower planting to path maintenance and scrub and pond clearance. Ben also maintains the Geo-caching trails in the Woodland Park and Alva Glen.